Matador Wildlife Management Area

The Matador Wildlife Management Area (MWMA) is comprised of 28,183 acres and is located in the central Rolling Plains of Cottle County, 8 miles north of Paducah on Highway 83 and 2 miles west on FM 3256. The MWMA provides many public use opportunities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, camping, horseback riding, nature study, and photography. The MWMA lies in one of the largest and most diverse ecological areas in the state and is home to approximately 62 species of mammals, 41% of all land mammals occurring in Texas. In addition, 14 amphibian and 57 reptile species likely occur on the MWMA. Numerous bird species use the diverse habitats of the MWMA for breeding, nesting, wintering, or as a stopover site during their annual migration.

The MWMA has become a hunter’s haven!! The Matador WMA offers public hunting for species such as dove, quail, mule and white-tailed deer, feral hog, and wild turkey throughout the year. An Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH), as well as a general hunting license and upland game bird stamp, is required to hunt species such as dove and quail. An APH is $48.00 and is available where hunting and fishing license are sold. The APH permit is also required for our archery feral hog season. Special Permit (SP) hunts are also available through a lottery drawing. SP hunts include archery deer, archery mule deer, gun deer antlerless, gun deer, gun mule deer, gun feral hog, and spring turkey. The MWMA also provides opportunities for our youth. SP hunts for youth include deer antlerless, feral hog, and spring turkey. An APH Permit is not needed for any Special Permit (SP) hunt. The MWMA also hosts school field trips, wildlife field days, and workshops that inform the general public and land managers about habitat management techniques, species’ ecology and management, research findings, and other general wildlife information. So whether you are hunting, hiking, or bird watching, we hope you stop in and visit us at the Matador WMA.
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