Paducah, Texas is located in Cottle County and is often referred to as the Crossroads of America. U.S. Highway 70 and U.S. Highway 83 intersect connecting the borders of the United States.

Paducah is located in rugged ranch country where cowboys are still respected and admired. Because of this terrain, Paducah boasts some of the best hunting in the State of Texas.

Known for its big heart, neighbors are caring and always lend a helping hand. Citizens are friendly, community focused and proud of their youth. Paducah ISD not only provides an excellent academic foundation for students but also produces some outstanding athletes.

The Cottle County Courthouse is in the center of downtown. Enjoy the buildings with rich historic fabric located in the downtown square. There are brick streets throughout some of the residential sections of the town.

Paducah has a golf course, rodeo arena, several parks and playgrounds.

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People are returning to Paducah to retire which is a big benefit for small businesses dependent upon an experienced and reliable workforce. There is a small medical center, senior citizens center, nursing home and public transportation. Great home cooked food is available at local restaurants and visitors have several choices for lodging. Both the crime rate and taxes are low.

Paducah is a GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The community leaders worked very diligently to put together their application. Click on The Certified Retirement Community logo to find out more about this program.

The Paducah Chamber of Commerce hopes that you will take time to look at The Paducah Guide and learn more about the businesses in our community. The community organizes several events each year which are family focused and fun filled. We invite you to stop in and experience Texas hospitality at it best.